For people living a normal live, the feeling of butterflies in the stomach before a first date, nervousness of a job interview, or other hard times are normal so knowing if they are the result of anxiety or stress is difficult. After all, life is stressful but for many people, this tension is what drives them to achieve higher goals.

anxiety and stressEven so, stimulating factors such as anxiety and stress can spiral out of control. The good news is that for most people, anxiety disorders are quickly identified and treated but if anxiety is being caused by some kind of health problem, the diagnosis might be a little hard to make.

The problem is that in some people, dealing with anxiety and stress on a daily basis has a negative impact on them performing daily functions. For these people, experiencing bouts of discomfort can be intense and frightening. People need to know that health problems happen all the time, meaning they have nothing to do with a person being good or bad, weak or strong. Many people facing anxiety and stress will try to go it alone to fix the problem but this often fails. Therefore, using antidepressants, tranquilizers, and therapy are needed so the anxiety and stress can be handled appropriately.

Disorders involving anxiety and stress are comprised of a biological and psychological component. For this reason, treatment methods need to address both cognitive and behavioral aspects. This means that for some people, genetics or family history might play a role in the anxiety disorder. Recurrent anxiety or panic attacks could be hiding behind some type of traumatic experience, high stress levels, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, emotional imbalance or any number of problems.

In fighting anxiety and stress, it is important that the person have good family and friend support. Studies show that functional families, those with harmony and balance seldom have members with anxiety disorders. Even so, stress is something that everyone faces at one point but when the nervous system experiences too much pressure, problems arise. Even recovering from an anxiety or panic disorder needs solid family support, as well as a good therapist, someone that would have open communication skills, keep great documentation, and take an active role in the recovery of the patient.

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