Stress plays a vital role in the formation and breakouts of acne. Many scientists and researchers have found a direct link between adult acne and stress. When the body is stressed, it releases a hormone Cortisol which is the major stress hormone in our body. This hormone fluctuates and causes an increase in the amount of oil secretions. These secretions can cause acne pimples to form or worsen. Cortisol actually works on testosterone pathway and becomes one of the direct responses to raise cortisol levels in acne. These fluctuations can also affect weight, blood pressure, and other physical symptoms.

Get Rid Of Stress Acne BreakoutsStress induced acne is not very different from other forms of acne. The only way to identify stress acne is to keep track of the breakouts. If you are able to find a pattern between stressful events and acne breakouts then most probably you are susceptible to stress acne. It has been observed that when you already have acne and you get into stressful situation that is when your acne really flares up. In other words, emotional stress does not trigger a new case of acne but it worsens matters in someone who already has skin problems.

Stress and acne interact in a harmful cycle. Most people are likely to exacerbate their blemishes when they get upset or anxious. Some people pick their skin when they are stressed and if there is a pimple to pick, they will definitely go there.

Ways to avoid stress acne breakouts

There are simple solutions which can prevent acne breakouts during stress.

Address the source of stress

Here you need to get good care of your body. Get more sleep, exercise, yoga and take out time for reflection, relaxation and meditation. Your body will learn to resist against stress and will nurture your skin to combat stress.

Healthy diet

To have a healthy skin, you need to eat a balanced diet. Avoid sugar and try to include dark green leafy vegetables in your diet. They provide a lot of fiber for clear skin as well as vitamins for wrinkles and discoloration. Digestive track should be clean with probiotics which will make skin appear clearer and luminous.

Skin care routine

A regular skin care routine is critical for clean and clear skin. There should be an anti-acne or anti-rosacea program designed by your dermatologist to fit your needs. Stress induced acne can be reduced by using that proper and personalized skin regimen.

Keep skin balanced and hydrated

To avoid breakouts of stress acne you need to keep your skin hydrated with moisturizer to counter dehydration and dullness. People usually think that drying out skin will clear the pimple breakout but it’s not true.  Maintaining a balanced moisture level will keep the skin healthy and drying out will stimulate the oil glands to produce more oil to compensate the loss. Light weight moisturizer should be used regularly.

All of these things will help you to get rid of stress acne breakouts.

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