Have you ever felt numb? That nobody would care where you go, what you do or whether you live or die? I know I have. Honestly, anxiety is not something we wish for. But when we try to juggle too many items, carry too many monkeys on our back it becomes a little hard to avoid this crappy feeling.

Get Rid Of AnxietyWhatever causes anxiety; you need to get rid of it. Anxiety is highly toxic. It makes you moody, spoils your appetite, disrupts your sleep, and destroys your relationships. Fighting it isn’t impossible. You just have to learn to love yourself.

Anxiety Releasers 101:

Following self-help techniques helped me greatly to learn how to get rid of anxiety and start afresh.

1. Know Your Fears

Try to put the finger on what’s bothering you? When did exactly these negative emotions begin to show up? Was it after your last break-up? Had you a terrible fight with your parents or did it all just began after a ruthless “F” in a course?

Whatever the problem is- resolve it if you can or simply learn to live with it. Remember, there is no such wound that can’t be healed with time, only if given a chance.

2. Prepare For the Worst

Anxiety often springs from the fear of unknown. A feeling that something bad is about to happen. Now, you can’t really control the faith. Can you? What you can do is prepare yourself about what might happen and let the chips fall where they may.

Don’t over-indulge, just create a written list of all the possibilities you can think of. Just learn how bad it can get. This will reduce Surprise.

3. Take Solid Actions

Once you exactly know what the “problem” is that has put you in a dungeon, don’t wait for time to resolve it. Just act. Over thinking will get you nowhere. Failed efforts are worth a million, whereas empty thoughts are a waste!

4. Practice letting-Go

Aww! How I wish I could have learned that. Forgiveness isn’t Noble, it’s essential. Living a life of a pessimist is a nightmare. It’s empty and dry. For love to come, learn to forgive and allow old grudges to leave you.

Also, don’t wish to have all. You get some and you leave some. Once you’ll learn to expect little, you will start looking at what you have as, a lot.

5. Bring-in Some Structure

Empty mind is a devil’s own workshop. Keep yourself busy to postpone anxiety. Develop a schedule, include activities with purpose and dedicate half an hour to revel in anxiety. This will help you save the whole day from getting wasted.

Got a negative thought while sitting at your desk? Tell yourself you‘ll deal with it later during the assigned half an hour.

6. Come Back From the Dead

Socialize and make friends. Once I heard a glee fan talk how after years of solitude, she began to socialize with other fans and felt better.

Find common grounds and talk about what makes you happy. Join a forum, call your friends or have a cozy couch-talk with your hubby. Let them in. This will help you feel connected and belonged.

7. Exercise

Whenever you’re about to face a panic or anxiety attack; hit the gym, bike or run. Physical activity releases endorphins which lifts mood and binds cortisol – a stress causing hormone in blood.

Here, I would also suggest Yoga, tai chi and meditation techniques for the mind. These are effective at relieving mild to moderate depression by working as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Prozac and Zoloft).

8. Practice Extra Ordinary:

Go crazy! Because if you want something you never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done- Thomas Jefferson.

Get a New hair color, go for a massage, climb mountains, do scuba diving, go binge jumping or ice skating. Such experiences will make you realize how much more there is to life… and how much more you can still live.

 9. Breath Fresh

Remember the scene where a girl has this beautiful spot (which strangely no one else knows about) and only the guy can tell where to find her.

Exactly… that’s what I’m talking about. Pick a spot.  A special bench in the park, a rooftop of your building; it doesn’t matter. Now open your arms and breathe in and breathe out. Let the fresh air clear your mind.

10.  Get a Mantra!

Practice Affirmation every morning.  Saying good things out loud will help to generate new positive illustrations. Repeat, something like:


You’re okay

You’ve done enough

You do enough

Finding answer to how to get rid of anxiety isn’t a one liner. Whatever you do, just remember it’s all about “wanting to”. Once you’ll start wanting to change that’s when a new, anxiety-free you will happen.

Believe in:  “Do the best you can, until you know better and when you know better do better” – A quote by Maya Angelou

How To Stop Anxiety Attacks

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