We all have ghosts hidden in our closet. The what-ifs, fear of unknown, past incidents have haunted us all in one way or the other. But, how we cope with such distressing situation is upon us. We can either go further deep into the black hole or find ourselves standing in broad day light with our loved ones.

Remember! All begins to look better once you start taking action.  And I’m glad by reading this article you’re going to do just that.

Is Managing Stress As Easy As They Say?

Get Rid Of Stress and AnxietyNO. Everybody has his or her own coping mechanism. For most people stop worrying isn’t possible. To them, continuous thinking makes sense. But whether you worry about some past bad incident or in anticipation of future; both takes heavy toll. They make you itchy and restless.

Trying to find answer to: May be I’ll find a solution, I don’t want to be surprised, I don’t want to be held responsible, I don’t want to overlook anything will only overspend your energies. My advice? Sit back and revel in uncertainty and let the chips fall where they may.

How to Break the Anxiety Spell?

Following do-it-yourselves have helped me greatly to learn how to get rid of stress and anxiety.

1.   Identify the Source of Anxiety:

Whenever you have a panic attack, think of what is troubling you. Is it some person putting you in such a low mood? Or is it the fear of impending doom in a board meeting?

Whatever the causes, avoid them if you may or fight them if you must. But, always know your fears; it will help you out in maneuvering them.

2.   Act

If your worries are not based on what-if scenarios like: what if I’ll get cancer? , and are under your control; then take immediate actions to rectify them. Don’t think for long about what will happen rather do and see.

But if your worries are unsolvable then they are indeed not actual troubles, they are fears. To deal with them, do what other people do—- Embrace and accept. Remember “This too shall pass”.

3.   Practice Affirmation

Anxiety puts images in our mind about how we are going to suffer in a particular situation. Turn the tables on anxiety. See as you want to see yourself, calm and 100% under control. Practice 3 times daily. This will help to generate new positive illustrations.

4.   Breath Fresh

This is what works for me. Go find a calm spot in the park or somewhere else where there’re trees. Breathe deeply or shout immensely. It will help to channel out some of the pent-up emotions or anger.

5.   Share

Don’t bottle up. Let your loved ones know what you’re feeling. Saying it out loud will help you see things more clearly. Getting others perspective will also lead you to the solution you so desperately want. Just let them in!

 6.   Schedule

Bring routine to your life. It’ll give structure and purpose. According to Dr. Lamm, prioritizing prevent taking more than what one can actually handle. It saves time to relax.

Practice time management even if it means carrying a mini calendar in your pocket or putting up a reminder in mobile.

 7.   Do One Fun thing daily

Feeling depressed? Get a cheeky haircut, go for a massage, climb mountains, go scuba diving, do binge jumping, skiing or whatever it takes to cheer you up.

8.   Exercise

Physical activity releases endorphins which lifts mood, and reduces cortisol – a stress producing hormone in blood. As soon as you start feeling low, hit the gym.

Here, I will also like to suggest Yoga, tai chi and meditation-“exercises for the mind”. According to experts at the University of Maryland Medical Center, such relaxation techniques helps to decrease unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety.

9.   Eat Fresh

You’re what you eat. So, eat fresh and healthy. This will cleanse your body of toxins and free radicals and help you improve digestion, resulting in easy sleep.

10.  Avoid Bad habits

Although they seem to numb the ache, addictions only elude your better judgment and ability to act. You can’t ignore the elephant in your room for ever. Better face and done with it than stalling.

11. Visit the Doctor

Don’t feel shy visiting a psychologist. They are like bartenders waiting to listen to your stories, no matter how morbid you think they are. Going to them doesn’t mean losing a battle; it means having started afresh.

Help Someone You Love!

If you are seeing your loved one suffer; show care with actions rather than words. Words suffocate, as worriers start believing that by not being able to overcome their fears they have somehow disappointed you.

Make them know they’re wanted– but don’t hover.  Small actions like taking out the garbage, making bed or breakfast go a long way. Listen, when they want you to listen. This will help more than anything to make them want to know the best ways to get rid of stress and anxiety.

Ways To Reduce Stress

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